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Evenings of Great Songs & the Stories Behind Them

is the new name of Cambridge Opera! While we have produced narrated song concerts and operas for enthusiastic audiences since 1995, our new name better suits the performances we've specialized in for several years now. These focus almost completely on song performance.

Please click here for information on our upcoming concert Chansons Parisiennes

While we love opera and have even produced two were Boston-area premieres-Handel's Rodelinda, and Lee Hoiby's Bon Appetit! --we've fallen even more in love with the vast, exciting world of song literature, and we don't just mean the music. We love the composers, the poets, the poems, and the stories of the lives and times of these artists. We bring all of that to our audience in every concert.

Many have said we fill a special niche in Boston-area concerts, finding the best songs of celebrated composers from early through modern times including the great show tunes of film and Broadway, and spending months before each concert researching and writing that concert's narration. For the narration we bring you the most fascinating stories we can find about the songs, the composers and poets, and the way these artists were affected by the world around them at the time they were writing. From our first performance we have made the narration a central player. It is usually read in between songs by Lisa Mullins (anchor of The World on WGBH Radio 89.7 FM, 4 pm weekdays).

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